Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More unfinished works

i'm just a simple girl
trying to understand this big big world
Sometimes i think it's as pretty as a pearl
but sometimes i think it's way too big for just a little girl


i think, i don't know what it means to be loved
and i think, i don't know how to show you my love
I don't deserve
To get what i get


My mum says i'm a litte rat
but that's not saying i'm a brat
Neither does it mean that i am fat!

Maybe it's cos i like to run and play
or lie in bed for part of the day
Maybe it's the nose twitch that gives me away
or when i'm in the kitchen i can't run away


Airports, i've come to love and hate
my place of unions and heartaches
There's nothing like missing somebody
so much it tears you apart

i hold you to your word but you treat it like dirt
i'm moving forward and will start being curt

all endings are also beginnings
is this who you are and what you'd always be


As i'm sitting here, outside it's raining
Do you hear the music that is playing
i don't know where this is going
and i don't know what i'm doing
i can't tell if you're lying
but i can't just stop believing


Let's take things a little slower
Know one another a little deeper
Perhaps things might get somewhat better


If you really want something,you'd fight for it
If you really love something,You'd hold on to it

Monday, January 12, 2009


One day he turned to her and asked her if she was happy
One day she found that she could change her destiny
Now she finds she’s starting to lose control
Now she finds that she can’t see what’s beyond tomorrow
Every time he tries to find what’s going through her mind
Every time she’d smile and try to change the line
Time, she knows’ too short to help her put things right
Time she knows won’t stop to let her thoughts take flight

Jog down memory lane

Let's take a jog down memory lane
see if our experiences are the same.

How often do you sit and stare at the falling rain;
or look above and appreciate the flying plane?
How often have you called someone by their nickname
or scream at cars racing down the lane?
How often have you had dinner on a sloping chair,
or have someone complain about your messy hair?
How often have you received your bottle with flowers,
or laugh when something sour someone consumes?
How often have you cycled along the beach,
or compete with someone at arcade games?
How often have you enjoyed the breeze at the place where the lion spits
or wrestle someone off their seat?
How often do you climb endless steps to reach the top,
or have someone walk you down a slope to a stop?
How often have you had someone wipe your sweaty face
or jog with someone who helps you keep pace?
How often have you found someone mysterious,
or find that they are simply hilarious?
How often have you had a surprise,
or get others to sing a song after a few tries?
How often do you hear of fairy tales,
or get diahorrea from too many beers?
How often have you an argument,
or sat down to discuss the government?
How often do you have a long barbeque,
or waited for the bus in a long long queue?
How often do you meet someone who inspires you,
or simply someone who angers or bully you?
How often do you make others laugh at meetings,
or get kicked for forgetting?
How often do you feel someone understands you
or not know what it is you should do?
How often do you feel you are supported emotionally
or feel for others affectionately?
How often do you receive endless questions
or obtain patient answers?
How often do you feel happy,
or simply just feel grumpy?
How often do you sit and read books like pride and prejudice
or lie back and listen to music like those from Pavarotti?
How often have you been to the zoo,
or stare at pictures having nothing to do?
How often do you cause a traffic jam at the go-kart,
or feel upset when the time comes to part?
How often do you feel you do not know when to trust,
or that your whole world is going bust?
How often does your heart skip a beat,
or feel like you can't take breathe?
How often do dream of funny things,
or hear someone sing?
How often do you assemble food,
or hear someone say you are good and have them affect your mood?

How often....

The naked truth

I think I know what you’re gonna say
I’m going to sit and hear it anyway
Time to let go to be fair
Though its not what anyone can bear

A part of me died last night,
when i let go of what i was holding on too tight
i'd continue to brave this fight
One day i'd eventually see the light.

I think i've been cast under a spell,
but what it is i can't really tell
Strip me down of values and views
Then what you'd get is the naked truth