Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A place i know...

There's this place i know

Warms your heart so i'm told
I've had dreams of this place
of love and laughter in a pretty space

There's a place i want to go
on days when it gets a little cold
It  could put a smile on your face
With a song, it'd lighten up the place

There you can see the Orion's belt
Inhale the sweetness of summer's scent
Watch the ships from the shore
Eat some chips from the store
See the sun move across the horizon
And marvel the beauty of light's refraction

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Another set of few liners

Set 1:

I'm listening,
I know i'm trying
but still ain't understanding
just what its saying

I'm struggling
either way its hurting
what's real, what's a pretense
living life in suspense

Set 2:

I’m not the kind of girl you run to
When you have nothing to do
Not gonna wait around for you
When you have no one to turn to
Let me know your priorities
To determine the possibilities
Show me your resolution
To prove your authenticity