Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Party all night long

She says:
I'm not a wild animal
Not till u came into my life
Made me a freaking party gal
Another booze and one more beer
Come on let's get on the floor let's dance!

I'm not that crazy kind of girl
Won't get naked on the floor
Just give me it and close the door
Another kiss and it's all clear
Come on let's get on the floor
Let's dance!

Ooh think I can party party
all night long
Where the night is young
Let's have some fun
Party party all night long


I am me cos of my experiences
All of me confirms my existence
The molecules that make my being
Like the stars that make the universe.
I'm alive and I live for the moment
I'm alive but i don't live alone

If I could look through your eyes
And see what you see
If I could stand in your shoes
And take the steps you take