Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More unfinished works

i'm just a simple girl
trying to understand this big big world
Sometimes i think it's as pretty as a pearl
but sometimes i think it's way too big for just a little girl


i think, i don't know what it means to be loved
and i think, i don't know how to show you my love
I don't deserve
To get what i get


My mum says i'm a litte rat
but that's not saying i'm a brat
Neither does it mean that i am fat!

Maybe it's cos i like to run and play
or lie in bed for part of the day
Maybe it's the nose twitch that gives me away
or when i'm in the kitchen i can't run away


Airports, i've come to love and hate
my place of unions and heartaches
There's nothing like missing somebody
so much it tears you apart

i hold you to your word but you treat it like dirt
i'm moving forward and will start being curt

all endings are also beginnings
is this who you are and what you'd always be


As i'm sitting here, outside it's raining
Do you hear the music that is playing
i don't know where this is going
and i don't know what i'm doing
i can't tell if you're lying
but i can't just stop believing


Let's take things a little slower
Know one another a little deeper
Perhaps things might get somewhat better


If you really want something,you'd fight for it
If you really love something,You'd hold on to it

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